We are a club for members who want to cooperate without fixed ways of doing things

About us

Our club is for members from different schools, colleges and universities, to come together to cooperate without any fixed ways of doing things.

There are no paths to correctly follow. No awards to be won. No badges to be gained. No certificates to be attained. Just the simple joy of learning to trust our choices to bring our own exciting futures into view. We call this life skills for the 21st century...

For example, we come together at a caving club hut where we all cooperate as we make our own conscious choices on what we do. This can vary from caving, to rock climbing, to making something, film making, game design, setting up a business, to pop up restaurants... all without any fixed ways of doing things.

There are coaches from LifeSkills21.org to help us.

Please contact jon.thorne@MyInnovationSpace.com