Jon Thorne ... basketball, netball, outdoor adventure, and innovation camps
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Jon's coaching is based on helping players make conscious choices to cooperate without fixed ways of doing things. He seeks to remove the anxiety often generated by players having to play and behave in a specific way.

Jon always tries to create new scenarios, journeys into the unknown that require players to consciously adapt their choices and not fall into habits of playing and moving the same way all the time. Jon sees himself as more of a 21st century life coach than a sports coach. Jon loves sport and loves coaching sport. For Jon... sport is about never truly knowing what is going to happen. This unknown makes sport a great way to coach 21st century life skills - cooperating as we share a journey into the unknown.  

Jon uses his 21st century life coaching to help all community members make their own individual conscious choices ... to sometimes follow, sometimes lead, sometimes go your own way. To sometimes choose to accept risk and sometimes reject risk. To sometimes choose to push through barriers, sometimes go round barriers, sometimes use barriers as a nudge to go in a different direction. Exciting futures come into view.

To make sure Jon doesn't force people to always do as he says Jon asks all the people he coaches to hold him to account for practicing these 6 habits. 

Habits 1 to 3 are about listening. Practicing them make it harder for qualified life coaches to accidently make participants always follow them.

Habit 1: Jon will only tell others what to do only if they have asked him to do so. (Jon will try to avoid assuming others will always want to know what he thinks)

Habit 2: Jon will try his best to Recognise when others say stop, and stop. (Jon will try to avoid finding ways to increase the pressure to make others do as he says).

Habit 3: When things are not going Jons way, he will try to ask himself, what has he missed? (Jon will try to avoid thinking he needs to keep going ignoring what others say.)

Habits 3 to 6 help Jon be kind myself a and others

Habit 4: Jon will try to make choices to minimise the spread of badwill to himself and others. (Jon will try to avoid giving more badwill back)

Habit 5: When things go wrong, Jon will try to make choices to nudge himself to a better place where he feels less of a victim. (Jon will try to avoid blaming others)

Habit 6: Jon will try to make choices to give goodwill to himself and others. (Jon will try to avoid always thinking, the greater good is always more important than the needs of an individual)

If you feel Jon needs some extra help in practicing these 6 habits please contact the professional association for everyone practicing and coaching the life skills of the 21st century at  Jon is a founding member.

Jon has climbed in the Himalayas and Arctic circle, played several sports to a national level, and spent 15 years running his own business designing new ways for employees to collaborate across organisational boundaries in some of the most complex organisations in the world. When following the academic path caused Jon's children harm... he went on a 7 year journey into the unknown... to find another way. He came up with a way to coach life skills for the 21st century. These life skills form the foundation of all Jon's coaching. Jon is a level 2 basketball coach with Basketball England. 

Jon lives in St Albans, Herts, UK and can be contacted via email...