Practice 21st century life skills while caving
150 GBP

Jon is partnering with Stuart Marshall to provide an opportunity to coach 21st century life skills as we enjoy a caving trip together.

Stuart has been caving for over 30 years and is a member of the Shepton Mallet Caving Club. He is qualified as a local cave leader, and is a also a member of 

The Mendips are a perfect place for caving. There are lots of easy, safe caves for beginners, all close to the road. Some of these caves are truly beautiful with underground waterfalls, and large decorated caverns.

The Shepton Mallet Hut, where we will be staying has recently been refurbished and extended. It has a large room with bunks upstairs, a kitchen, changing and shower rooms and a large lounge with a huge wooden table containing a "caving experience"...

The hut stands in its own grounds, a SSI, with plenty of opportunity for games and exploring.

What do I need?

Much of the usual "tall ships" stuff really:
Sleeping bag, warm clothes.

Some gardening gloves are essential for "tussock jumping"

Your own wellie boots that fit well (with two pairs of warm socks inside)

Fleece clothing (not cotton-cold when wet)

If you can buy a cotton boiler suit that fits (approx £7 from eBay) that will save you hiring one (you will need to hire one still for wet caves)

We will be hiring kit from
So you can have a look and save money if you have some items already!
We may also be using their Instructional services (depending on numbers) as Andy Sparrow (Cave Climb) also worked at the Leadership Trust and understands what we are trying to achieve.