Spectrum basketball

It's all very relaxed. There are no expectations. The emphasis is on releasing players from having to obediently follow a coach's instructions to practice the skills to find their own way. To become incisive, agile and resilient thinkers. To develop the skills of successful innovators, entrepreneuers, adventurers.

You can find out more about coach Jon on this link ... http://myinnovationspace.com/product/jon-thorne-coaching

A bit about Jon... Jon watched his ADHD child be rejected from sports because he struggled to obediently follow the coaches expectations. Jon set about developing a style of coaching.  Spectrum basketball is a place where anyone can turn up, bounce a ball and find their own way to enjoy basketball. All players are encouraged to rest whenever they want. All players are encouraged to say "no". Nobody is under any pressure to join in.  Players don't have to get there on time.

Jon believes that many young adults on the autistic spectrum can use their ability to think differently to become successful innovators, entrepreneurs, adventurers.

Playing basketball, can be a first step to developing the skills to become successful innovators, entrepreneurs, adventurers.

Any questions are welcome and you are very welcome to pop along for a chat or email jon at ... Jon.thorne@CommunitySport.club

Wednesday 5 - 6pm at Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, St Albans

Just turn up and pay at reception. 

For more information, Please email moirahutton@everyoneactive.com
Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre 01727 736080

This session is sponsored by Basketball England.