Stuart Marshall
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By partnering with Stuart...  Jon is able to offer caving trips, as well as many other exciting adventures.

Stuart is a member of the professional association for leaders and a coach practicing 21st century life skills...

Stuart has been caving for over 30 years and is a member of the Shepton Mallet Caving Club. He is qualified as a local cave leader.

Stuart Marshall first started caving and scuba diving at University, many years ago whilst following the 20th Century path of degree and PhD. Like many he finished that route still not knowing what to do and worked in biochemical sales for a while whilst deciding what to do with his life!

Eventually he gave up on the 20C route (decided by others) to follow his own path and become a commercial caving and scuba diving instructor. He both ran his own business and also taught activities as part of high end leadership courses (at the Leadership Trust in Ross on Wye). It was whilst there that Stuart found that his own leadership style wasn't unusual, but was very different to the norm (C20)

When Stuart finally met Jon Thorne he realised that he had actually been practicing 21st Century life skills for years! It was just that no one had named them as that before.

Stuart now runs a training company, Marlin Training Ltd, who provide first aid courses, from basic to Expedition Medicine, to mainly Universities and organisations such as the Forestry Commission and the Natural History Museum. Some of these organisations run expeditions to wild places and Marlin's unique courses help them to deal with medical problems and injuries should they occur when days from help.

Stuart still takes part in Expeditions and this year is canoeing down a wild 70km river in Finland, starting at the Russian border.